John Maguire Interviews Edmund Storms about Recently Published Book on LENR

John Maguire of the Q-Niverse has conducted a very interesting interview with Dr. Edumund Storms, author of the recently published book The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction: An Examination of the Relationship Between Observation and Explanation. It’s a wide ranging interview in which Storms explains his understanding of the conditions in which cold fusion occurs.

Storms basic position (very simply explained) is that cold fusion reactions occur in a Nuclear Active Environment (NAE) which is formed in the surface of a material such as nickel or palladium in ‘cracks’ or ‘nanogaps’ (not in the metal latttice). When loaded with hydrogen, a structure Storms calls a ‘Hydroton’ is formed in this NAE which has the ability to overcome the Coulomb barrier (Storms writes by the processes of “screening, tunneling, or being forced closer by a resonance process”) which results in the release of energy in the form of photon radiation. Transumutation occurs when the an element other than hydrogen is attached to the Hydroton.

I am impressed with the clarity of Storms’ thinking in this interview and in his book, and also by John Maguire’s perceptive and informed questioning. I think the whole thing is well worth listening to!

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