The People of the E-Cat

I though this was an interesting exchange and comment from Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today.

AR: 1 a.m. of Thursday July 24th, and we are working: we, the Team.

Italo R: “… we, the Team….” and that reminds me “We, The People of E-Cat” 🙂

AR: Italo R.:
Yes, you are absolutely right. The People of the E-Cat are extremely important . It maintains us constantly under a positive pressure. I am very disappointed not to be able to give information about the TIP-R2, of which I know nothing, and also for the 1 MW plant, about which we will give information only after a period of consolidation of the operation. That’s why now we talk of the rumors of Harley Davidsons. By the way, I read that many fans of this motorcycles are angry about the electric Harley, since its characteristic noise is an iconic heritage of these ouvres d’art. Anyway, it will not take long before we will have to talk about specific things.
Warm Regards,

I find it interesting that Rossi talks about feeling a ‘positive pressure’ from the people of the E-Cat (I guess that means people like us). I wonder how much pressure they are feeling. My guess is that the ‘people of the E-Cat’, those who are paying serious attention to the topic, number in the thousands (maybe low tens of thousands) around the world and who for the most part are interested observers, rather than people of major influence in business, politics or media.

I do think Andrea Rossi feels a responsibility towards providing information to those who have supported and defended him over the years. He is a man who values loyalty and appreciates the support he has received, especially through the times when he was working virtually on his own and was up against all kinds of obstacles.

I would guess that the management of Industrial Heat feels less pressure from the People of the E-Cat, since there has been very little interaction between us and them. I think it is very possible that were it not for the premature discovery of their identity last December, that we would still not know that they were involved. It seems that they value their ability to work under the radar very much. Anonymity provides them with a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and the ability to work in peace without interruption or interference. Perhaps IH does have pressures from above — investors — to deal with. I would guess those who have put money in will be anxiously watching what is going and expecting results.

If and when big news breaks, I think IH will feel a lot more pressure to open up. Instead of the attention of just we few E-Cat people, they will likely have the attention of the international media, politicians, academia and the business community. And then there will be all kinds of pressure from customers, competitors, regulators, media, enemies of various kinds, and the general public. Today Rossi wrote “Anyway, it will not take long before we will have to talk about specific things,” so it could be a very different environment for them in a short while. And then maybe the People of the E-Cat will become a much larger group.