Brian Ahern Interview with John Maguire about LENR

John Maguire of the Q-Niverse web site has followed up his recent interview with Edmund Storms with a new interview with Dr. Brian Ahern, a long-time researcher in the LENR field, and a member of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project team.

The interview covers a lot of interesting topics. Ahern describes some of the experimental work he has been involved in over the years and talks about some of his theoretical conclusions regarding the origin of the LENR effect, which he considers stem from an eletromagnetic interactions (not nuclear ones). His perspective is that heat is something of an unwanted by-product of the reactions, and the really important thing is to find ways to harness the electomagnetics to produce electricity.

I found the interview very interesting and well worth listening to. Ahern has been involved in many experiments over the years which have convinced him of the reality of LENR. Recently, also, Andrea Rossi has mentioned that a team at Industrial Heat has reproduced LENR based on patents from Ahern.

For those of us following the E-Cat, towards the end of the interview Ahern and Maguire talk about the report we are all waiting for. Ahern says that he, like everyone else is waiting for the results of that report and that his understanding is that study is being funded by the Swedish energy institute Elforsk (who funded the 2012-13 study) to the tune of 500,000 Euros, and that the condition of the funding was that the report must be published whatever the results — the researchers were not allowed just to sit on the results. Ahern says that if the results show a COP of 2 at kW levels, that would be a ‘goldrush moment.’

Click here for a synopsis of the full list of topics covered in the interview.