'1 MW Plant will Close the Experimentalism Era and Open the Commercial Era

It seems that a great deal is resting on the performance of the 1 MW plant. In the post below from the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi emphasizes how important this plant will be to the future commercialization of Industrial Heat’s technology now and into the future. Today he wrote:

Gillana: It is extremely important that the 1 MW plant does not work well for any days, but reliably for at least one year without major problems, because what we are aiming to is the real industrial application of the so called Rossi Effect, not another test. The next 1 MW plant has the task to open the era of the industrial utilization of the so called Rossi Effect, with ratings supplied not from experimentalists, but from satisfied Customers that make money with our plants. Obviously R&D will continue for ever, but the next 1MW plant will close the experimentalism era and will open the commercial era, in which we will no more discuss if the so called Rossi Effect works or not, but the discussion will be about its industrial evolution and, eventually, its domestic application: provided the results of the TPR2 and the 1 MW plant will be positive, and not negative, because: THE RESULTS COULD BE POSITIVE, BUT ALSO NEGATIVE AS FOR WE KNOW SO FAR.

Interesting that Rossi should mention not only industrial applications but future domestic ones. If industrial applications prove to be safe and reliable after long periods of operation and data collection.

As we look at the opening of the ‘commercial era’, one thing we don’t know anything about is Industrial Heat’s business model. It is possible that they will be selling these plants outright to customers, but it’s also possible that they will retain ownership of plants they deploy and sell the energy produced to customers. One thing I would think they are going to be concerned about is the possibility of their plants being broken into for the purpose of discovering the E-Cat’s secrets; if they keep ownership of the plants it would probably be easier to protect them from being tampered with by customers.

Still, Rossi is not jumping the gun by announcing success at this point. I guess there is still plenty that could go wrong at this point, so I am sure this first plant is going to be very closely monitored. To have it run with no major problems will be a highly significant achievement which really would signal the opening of a new era for Rossi and Industrial Heat.