Rossi: Let’s Switch from LENR to QUAR

We’ve been discussing the appropriate name for ‘the reaction’ for some time now, and a recent thread here suggested the need for taking the world ‘Nuclear’ out of any label that is used as it could have negative connotations to many people who are wary about nuclear energy mainly because safety reasons. If this technology starts to make news, there could be some headwinds to fight from nuclear energy opponents who could raise concerns about the safety of ‘new nuclear’ energy.

Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics DT Travchenko asked:

Dr Rossi:
What do you think about the proposal of Mr Estri to change the definition “LENR” into “QUAR” ( Quantum Reactions)?
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Andrea Rossi responded:

Yes, I think is a very good idea, also to take off from LENR the pressure of the “N” letter. Semanthics sometimes count. I will try from now to spell QUAR instead of LENR, and this will be a contribution of the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Therefore: the next Authors are gently invited to use the definition QUAR instead of LENR. Let’s see what happens.
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There have been lots of names proposed, and so far the ones that have really stuck have been ‘cold fusion’ and LENR. I would have expected them to stay at the head of the pack, but if Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat are leading the way in this field and he starts to use this term, it might catch on — especially if he can get Industrial Heat to start using the term in its publicity materials (assuming they will at some point establish a public presence)

A ‘Quantum Reaction’ is rather a harmless label in my opinion, and I think it sounds sufficiently futuristic and exotic to be applied to a new form of energy. The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s web site is called, which is similar to this proposed label. Rossi seems to be satisfied that the source of the E-Cat’s energy is generated at the quantum level, so the QUAR label could be an accurate one, too.