AR on What the Rossi Effect is Not

Many people have been trying to get their head around what the ‘Rossi Effect’ is. What could be going on inside the E-Cat reactor to generate so much energy without the problems associated with the nuclear and chemical reactions that are currently used?

If Rossi won’t tell us what is going on (he says that at some point he will, but we’ve been waiting for years to learn about his theory), maybe it’s better to ask him what’s not going on. Which is something that a reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics just did:

Hi Andrea,
Which of these is more correctly describing the Rossi effect

a, a new form of powerful chemical reaction.

b, a new form of benign nuclear fusion

C, a new form of benign nuclear fission reaction.

D, a new form of benign nuclear annihilation of sub atomic particles reaction.

The answer is:

None of them.
Warm Regards

I’m not sure that this is very helpful information, but maybe it can steer some thinking away from going down certain paths. It does appear likely that ‘cold fusion’ is a misnomer, even though I like the label for simplicity and recognizability. It will be nice to finally get some theoretical information from Rossi about his effect, since it seems that he has made a critical breakthrough in his work which can be of great importance not only for science, but also all of civilization.