Rossi: Safety Certification Obtained for Low and High Temperature E-Cats

Today Andrea Rossi announced on the Journal of Nuclear Physics what would appear to be an important development in the commercialization of the E-Cat. In a comment about the use of multiple reactors inside each E-Cat plant, Rossi made this comment:

Last, but not least: our modules of E-cats and Hot-cats have been certified.

I followed up with a question about what this certification meant for Industrial Heat. Rossi responded:

Frank Acland:
We obtained a Safety certification. Is necessary for the development of industrial plants made by Hot Cats.
Warm Regards,

This certification for the Hot Cats (high temperature E-Cat reactors) may have been a recent development, because until now Rossi has said only that the low temperature plants had received safety certification. We don’t know much about who did the certification, and I don’t expect that we will get much information about it. My understanding is that certification process is normally covered by confidentiality agreements. In 2012 Andrea Rossi released a SGS safety certificate only with special permission from SGS because he was being accused of lying about certification.

I would expect that Industrial Heat will have been working with American certifying agencies since all the R&D is now taking place in the United States now. US safety certification is apparently recognized widely around the world, which should be very useful for Industrial Heat as they move towards worldwide commercialization.

This sounds like good news to me. The Hot Cat is especially important for Industrial Heat if they are working towards generation of electricity, and safety certification for industrial plants sounds like a critical achievement which should allow IH to develop the E-Cat commercially.