Rossi on Transmutation in the ‘Rossi Effect’

Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi provided some interesting details about what is taking place in the E-Cat in terms of transmutation of elements. Rossi was asked if he uses different isotopes of nickel in the E-Cat and he provided this response:

We think that our process, the so called “Rossi Effect”, is , as a serendipity, also a system to produce 62Ni, because only this fact can explain the formation of atoms of stable Cu, even if in very small amounts; we also noticed that using eventually powders of Ni enriched this way, the efficiency of the E-Cats increases. But we are not sure of this fact, because there may have been errors in the analysis, so we are studying , as a side effect , this phenomenon. Obviously, I cannot add information regarding this issue, pending the patents relative to it.

The fact that they are still studying this phenomenon indicates that there are still unknowns for Rossi and the IH team; and again, he mentions here that the transmutations occurring here seem to be only side effects — not the main process that is generating the energy produced by the E-Cat.