‘We Do Not Have Safety Concerns’

Andrea Rossi made a comment today on the Journal of Nuclear physics which gives a little more information about the kinds of safety testing that the E-Cat has undergone during safety certification testing for the industrial plants. JONP reader Angel Blume suggested that the reactions taking place inside the E-Cat could produce radiation and thus be a safety issue; Rossi responded:

We do not have safety concerns, since safety certification has been obtained for our industrial E-Cat after the reactors have been properly designed and all the measurements made OUTSIDE the E-Cat have confirmed its safety also in terms of ionizing radiations. We have experts of the matter working with us, who are physicists from laboratories specialized in measurements of ionizing radiations.

I am assuming here that the physicists mentioned here are employed by certification agencies who have been involved in the safety testing on the industrial E-Cat. While it would be extremely interesting to be able to read the testing reports made by these physicists, these reports are apparently confidential, and only are made available to Industrial Heat’s customers (or potential customers), and even then, I expect they are covered by NDAs.

It’s interesting that Rossi emphasized that this testing was done OUTSIDE the reactor — it seeks likely that there are significant levels of radiation produced inside the E-Cat, but that for some reason does not escape from the reactor.