Bill McDonough Hints about E-Cat?

There’s been interesting finds by Don Witcher and Matt Robinson on the Facebook ‘Cold Fusion, LENR and Andrea Rossi‘ page which indicates to me that it’s very likely that American designer and architect Bill McDonough, a long-time friend and business associate of Industrial Heat Chairman Tom Darden, is well aware of what is going on with the E-Cat.

McDonough has been a co-sponsor with Cherokee Investment Partners of the Cherokee-McDonough Challenge in which $20,000 in seed money is awarded to entrepreneurs with ideas for high-impact environmental products and services. This is an annual competition, but this year’s challenge was not held — Cherokee announced it was postponed until 2015.

McDonough has a Youtube Channel where he discusses topics of interest to him — generally on environmental topics. McDonough’s passion is to design products, buildings and systems which are healthy for the environment. In one video, titled ‘Thinking outside the box’, McDonough makes in my mind a rather telling statement about a new form of energy (which he does not name) — check at 2:20 minutes.

For those who can’t see the video, here’s the key quote:

“We have new kinds of power we’re looking at that are not even solar that are clean. They’ll be quite astonishing, you’ll see them soon in the market, we’re coming at the world with these things from this direction . . .”

I’ve speculated before that McDonough would be aware of the E-Cat, since he is so close to Tom Darden, and I think this is the best evidence that he is. I would not be surprised to learn that he is on of the investors behind industrial heat. McDonough is very well connected in business and political circles internationally and has worked extensively in China, which could help explain the moves Industrial Heat has made there.

McDonough has been a huge proponent of solar energy over the years, but now it sounds like he has his sights set on something better.

BTW, in addition to the above, Don Witcher on the same Facebook page found this new (to me) web site for McDonough Cherokee Advisors which provides gives another connection between Tom Darden and Bill McDonough — and China. This organization seems to be a consultancy and lists as its goal:

McDonough Cherokee Advisors (MCA) provides high-level advisory services to Western enterprises interested in operating in China. We provide expertise on brownfield remediation, environmental technology, urban planning, strategic consulting, venture capital and private equity, combined with decades of connectivity and business relationships in China.

A photo from the site showing McDonough (left) and Darden (right) with Zhu Kejiang, mayor of Wuxi, one of China’s major industrial cities: