More From McDonough — No Longer a Just a Hint about LENR

Richard Pollack on Facebook has found an even better segment from as speech by Bill McDonough in which there is no question about his knowledge of what is going on with LENR

Check out the following video from a talk by McDonough given at Dartmouth College last year. I am not sure exactly when the talk was given, but the date of publication is August 2013.

If you go to the 1 hour point in the video he starts talking about Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, and even mentions the ‘Cold Fusion’ word. He mentions that research being done in Bologna, Berkeley and Federal Laboratories are showing that you can get up to 10 times as much energy out of a system than you put in.

Notice the tone in which McDonough speaks when he talks about the subject — it almost seems as if he’s embarrassed to be mentioning it, and he brings up the Pons and Fleischmann affair as being  an inauspicious beginning for this technology, but he mentions that the results now are ‘astonishing’.

It must be noted that this talk is given last year, so we can’t infer that he has any knowledge of the results of current testing. But he’s obviously in the know, and I think probably connected somehow with Industrial Heat.