What is goodXchange? Launching this Fall and Shares Same Address as Cherokee and Industrial Heat

Here’s something interesting that I think may have a connection with E-Cat technology somehow. On the Italian Cobraf web site there was a link to a site called goodXchange. The organization has the address of:

111 East Hargett Street
Suite 300
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

This is the address shared by both Cherokee Investment Partners and Industrial Heat.

Here’s what the organization says about itself:


Big Idea: “Advances in social media and mobile technologies have changed the way brands reach consumers, and goodXchange is taking a twist on the typical advertising model by creatively mobilizing huge groups of people to engage with brands to benefit (raise funds) for charitable causes.”

Secret Sauce: “Companies usually pay agencies for these engagements, but we’re hacking the system by using a charity’s social network, a celebrity’s network, and most importantly, your network…to rally the masses and redirect billions of dollars to the world’s most effective charitable causes.”

If you look at the team you will see the familiar face of Tom Darden (he’s the only one there without an organizational title). One of the co-founders and President is Doug Pitt, brother of actor Brad Pitt (Brad founded Make it Right, a green construction non-profit organization that Tom Darden Jr. directs). I don’t recognize anyone else on the team.

Reading the information on the site, I don’t really understand how the organization is going to operate — but they are all about supporting charitable causes using social media, big brands and celebrities. How this all relates to the E-Cat, I don’t know — but is it just coincidence that the organization is headquartered at the same address as Cherokee and Industrial Heat — and that the first engagement is listed as kicking off in the Fall of 2014?

I wonder what kind of ‘engagement’ we are talking about? I don’t know, but I’ve signed up to get a notification about it.