Rossi Confirms Bill McDonough as E-Cat Insider

We have discussed lately comments that American designer William McDonough has made about LENR, and today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics Andrea Rossi was asked by Thomas Florek about whether he was familiar with McDonough’s work and “Cradle to Cradle” philosophy.

Rossi responded:

Thomas Florek:
Yes, I have known William Mc Donough in the factory of IH in Raleigh, and he explained to me the cradle-to-cradle concept. Very smart guy and a brilliant speaker. I agree with the basics of his philosophy.
Warm Regards,

I see this as a significant remark because if Rossi met with McDonough in Industrial Heat’s Raleigh factory, it would seem to me that McDonough has to be an IH insider, because I don’t think that anyone outside the inner circle would be permitted to know where the IH factory is located, let alone go inside.

It would appear, then, that when Bill McDonough talks about his astonishment about LENR, he is speaking from personal knowledge, rather than just getting second hand information from his friend and business colleague, Tom Darden. It would seem likely to me that McDonough is an investor in Industrial Heat, perhaps on the board of directors, and I think we should be taking seriously his comments about the LENR coming on the market soon.

McDonough is well connected and seems to be widely respected. He has worked with NASA, the Clinton Administration and with Ford motor company, among others, on various design and architectural projects, and we know he has strong connections in China. That he is acquainted with Andrea Rossi and has spent time in Industrial Heat’s factory indicates that he could be a pivotal figure in the unfolding story of the E-Cat and could be very influential in its proliferation.