E-Cat Rumor from a Possible Insider (COP High Enough for ‘Energy Revolution’)

There has been some interesting discussion here on E-Cat World today involving an ECW reader who goes by the name of Paul. I thought I would put the conversation in a separate thread as the current report thread is getting quite crowded. It should be understood that the identity of Paul is unknown, and naturally caution should be taken when dealing with anonymous posts. Paul here states that he and I have interacted, but I do not know his identity.

Nevanlinna is a smart guy who follows this story from the beginning and frequently publish interesting information he finds on public databases. I have seen photos of the interior of an Hot Cat, but obviously these photos are not public. The photos published by Nevanlinna are less significant, however I do not know how he can have such photos.

ecatworld Admin (aka Frank Acland)
It would be interesting to know how you have seen non-public photos of the E-Cat 🙂

Because I know the person who made the photos and I was authorized to see them. I prefer not to say more know, even if there are many pieces of this story which are not publicly known and that should. Many of the people involved in this story have something to say but they choose not to speak for the moment. They are sensible topics and there are big interests on the table, so I understand them. There are many information that I and other person cannot give in public, in the future I wiil give what I can, but what I am free to say is not so much. I prefer to be anonymous even if I have anything to hide, so you can choose if believe me or not. I know you personally and say you thanks for this blog and for letting me contribute a little, but I prefer not say why and when we interacted in the past.

Paul, Assuming you can be taken at your word and that you have some insider info, what confidence levels do you have that:

1 – The E-Cat is capable of producing at least 3x energy input
2 – The E-Cat has a COP > 10
3 – The ITPR2 will be released before November

Since you are anonymous and answers would only represent your personal opinion you can share this info. And we’d like to get your take on things.

I’m somewhere around 99%, 50%, 70% respectively.

1, 2-Yes 99% (if you remember the old Focardi-Rossi paper, at the beginning the COP was 200, thereinafter the development of the E-Cat has been essentially focused in stabilizing the reaction and avoid neutron production, so the COP has been reduced opportunely, but however now is high enough to produce an energy revolution; in the first two answers, I left a 1% of doubt because, as you know, officially the TPR2 can be positive or negative…); 3-Yes 100%