Standing Back and Looking at the 1MW Plant Situation (Timycelyn)

This comment was originally posted by Timycelyn in this thread.

We seem to be so caught up in the switchback of joy and disillusion regarding the 1MW plant at the Customer and the upcoming Independent report, that I thought it was time to stand back a little.

Lest we forget, here are some reminders:

A) There is a real, anomalous heat generating effect that cannot be accounted for by application of current regular understanding of chemistry and physics.

* Multiple validations and studies by a wide slew of researchers. Different techniques, different materials, but probably all encompassed in the same territory of unexplored and unrecognized physics or chemistry – right on the borderline between the two disciplines.

* Rossi’s technique and equipment produces large amounts of heat. The first Independent test was actaully conclusive, and the criticisms of it were, IMHO academic/theoretical; anyone who actually and seriously proposes that these tests were fake needs help with their obviously tenuous understanding of reality.

B) Everyone who gets close to Rossi’s technology is convinced of its total reality.

* IH will have performed extensive due diligence. Subsequent to acquisition, they obviously are in a very hands – on mode, their people are making the kit. They have had plenty of time to go ‘Oh no, it’s a scam/it never works etc’ and cut their losses. Instead, they are investing and have the confidence to take a customer order and deliver. (OK, no doubt under special agreement relating to the fact it is the first and may need support and work on site..)

* All those who have got close to the technology for a period of time (not the sometimes brief demos with Rossis’ paranoia in evidence, like with that Rivet idiot) seem to be convinced of the reality of his technology and the large amounts of heat produced. Where are the dissenters saying “Was with him for x months. Used to believe in it but I never saw it work, I became disillusioned, then I realised I was being scammed and left…. ” Not one. Nada. Zilch. Quite the opposite, even those who for commercial reasons (like the pre-IH distributors) he had to part company with.

So, lets take a big breath, count to ten, and keep a sense of reality here. Sure, the new plant is having teething troubles, and I agree with 49er that this has probably reset some 12 month uninterrupted running thing with the customer, hence Rossi’s (typically ambiguous) comment.

We are way past ‘Is this real or is it smoke and mirrors?’ It’s totally real. The very very worst thing that I can imagine happening now would be for Rossi to be unable to master control and deliver a smooth, reliable output, for this to prove intractable with his approach and it fizzles at IH. I am convinced that the demonstration of an effect is now so clear (and once the 2nd report is out, raised to a power) that if IH cannot deliver, others will (Remember the Chinese?). That, I feel, is the bottom line.

But I do not belive this will be the case for a moment. This sounds like the typical teething you get with newly installed plant, espically when this is version 3 model #1. I mean, wow! This is perhaps 100 hot cats all in parallel in some sort of heat exchanger, with all the balancing and regulation of heat transfer that this implies. If we are hearing ‘It’s settled down, we’re just running up the days towards our 12 month target now’ message in perhaps 3-4 months from now..” I’ll be impressed.

Folks, stand back, take stock, and realise how far we have come!