Help Wanted at Industrial Heat

If anyone is interesting in getting a foot in the door working in the LENR industry, it would seem that working on the E-Cat for Industrial Heat would be a good place to start. I don’t think there’s any outfit that is as far advanced in LENR technology as they are, and who have the funds to hire people.

Steve High asked Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics if that there might be a chance that his son, an apparently accomplished nanophysicist, could be considered for employment on Rossi’s team. Andrea Rossi responded.

Your son can send his c.v. and credentials to
[email protected]
Our Group will need to hire and all the requests of employement will be duly examined.
Warm Regards,

It should be noted that Rossi says here that his group ‘will need to hire’, which suggests that employment opportunities may be opening up in the future, not immediately. But I guess now is the time for people to get their resumes in, while things are relatively quiet. If the news from the report is impressive there could be a great number of interested applicants.

Rossi has always stated that one of his goals was to create jobs, and it could be there will be good opportunities for qualified people at Industrial Heat if they expand operations.