Rossi: This Report is the Uncut Version

Today was an interesting day for me. I woke up and looked as usual for the report. Nothing. But I did find an email from Dr. Hanno Essen who I had emailed last night asking if he had seen the report. He responded, saying that it had been turned in on Sunday to Arxiv and had been held up. Naturally I was disappointed to hear that, and wondered what might have been the hold up.

Soon afterwards I find an email from a contact in Sweden with the Report attached! Naturally I was excited, but very surprised. I wondered if it was a leak, and if I now had a hot potato in my hand that I had to sit on! The next thing I know, is that there was a comment on ECW with a link to the report on So the cat was out of the bag, and there was no putting it back in.

My surprise was apparently matched by Andrea Rossi who wrote (after putting an incorrect link to the report on the JONP)

You are right!!! I wrote an incomplete address, it was the emotion, because I was not expecting it. It has been a big surprise, also because I did not expect that publication…I know the length of the report created difficulties to other publishers and the Professors wanted not to cut the report. Probably they have chosen this solution to be fast and complete. They wanted to be independent to the last, so I was totally not expecting this. I have been informed of this publication this morning at 8 a.m. from a bloggist, while I was going to see my 1MW baby.

So this unexpected turn of events has actually led to us being fortunate enough to have an ‘uncut’ version of the report. I don’t have any idea what the holdup was at, but perhaps they were wanting the report to be shorter, and the testers were not in a mood to cut anything out.

Honestly I haven’t had time yet to study the report in detail yet. Thanks to all who have commented so far — that is helping me a lot.