Two Oil Charts — Any Connections?

Here are a couple of financial charts that have been featured on the Sifferkol web site. Normally I don’t pay much attention to the possible connection between news about the E-Cat and the financial market — I guess because I assume that it is (for now) a tiny minnow swimming in a vast pond which is the energy markets. But these charts have made me wonder a little.

The first is a chart for light sweet crude oil futures for yesterday, October 8th, during the time that the report was released.

The second is the chart for light sweet crude oil from today, when Elforsk CEO Magnus Olofsson’s statement about Elforsk’s plans for a research program into LENR were made.

Personally I don’t have a good feel for what drives the oil markets. I think there are a lot of things at play. These days with the US boosting oil production to match Saudi Arabia boosting oil supplies, and economic troubles being reported around the globe, there are plenty of reasons for oil prices to be soft. Oil dropped again today, taking it to the lowest point in two years.

I do think that in time when LENR does come on board commercially that all energy prices could be affected. But now, when there is not a single LENR reactor doing commercial work on the planet — I do wonder.

Still, those charts are interesting. And many thanks to Sifferkol for the analysis.