Sterling Allan Interviews Mats Lewan

Sterling Allan of PESN has conducted an interview on his This Week in Free Energy radio program with Swedish technology journalist Mats Lewan, well known follower of LENR and E-Cat news. Allan and Lewan spend most of the program discussing the report published by the European testing team about the E-Cat test.

Lewan still takes a cautious approach about the E-Cat, but that he believes there are sufficient indications that this technology might work, and for this reason the media should look at it because of the great potential the technology has. He thinks it has the potential to solve many energy problems and change geopolitical dynamics.
However even with these recent test results Lewan does not think that we are yet a point with this report for the door to open for widespread acceptance.

You can hear the interview below — Mats comes on at about the 9 minute mark.