Replication of the E-Cat

There has been some interesting discussion on various threads here over the last day or so on the subject of replication. The most recent E-Cat test has given us another piece of evidence about the operation of the E-Cat with new clues about what makes the reactor work and what might be behind the reactions taking place.

Bob Greenyer of the MFMP has made some interesting points regards replication, including the point that replication by outside entities could help with the patent application for the E-Cat, since one requirement for patent approval is that someone of normal skill in the art could build a device.

As far as bringing more attention to this technology, I don’t think that there will be anything that will help with that regard more than successful outside replication.

With this in mind, I have decided to make a permanent thread here on E-Cat World where comments on the subject can be kept in one place and that will not be buried over time where discussions about replication can take place. You’ll find it at the top right underneath the Always On Thread.