Brillouin’s Robert Godes on the E-Cat Report

Here’s an interesting comment from Robert Godes, the inventor of the Brillouin LENR reactor. This was posted by Patrik Wiksten here at the LENR-Forum here

“The before and after test results are consistent with the Brillouin Hypothesis. It is unfortunate that there equipment only reports the stable isotopes of Ni and they probably cut it off from Cu detection or figured the Cu65 without any Cu63 was an erroneous reading. It is almost a certainty that 59Ni with a half-life of 76000 years and 63Ni with ~100 year half-life. It is also almost a certainty that the 64Ni that was present at 0.9% turned into 65Ni which has a 2.5Hr half-life and becomes 65Cu before the measurement took place.

“There is no other reasonable explanation for what happened to the 64Ni which went missing on page 29. The Li seems to have disappeared during the test as well but this is not surprising as the boiling point of Li is 1342 °C and it probably evaporated out of the system fairly quickly. I would have preferred that they used a more direct measurement technique. I would have placed the reactor inside of a tube in a pressure vessel with a release valve set for 20 bar and measured the amount of water vaporized. The pressure valve tells you what the temperature of the escaping water vapor was. All this being said, this was a very convincing test proving that the reaction is both real and nuclear in nature. Further it also proves that there is no penetrating radiation from this type of reaction.”

I find it interesting that Robert Godes seems to be quite credulous of the transmutation aspects of the report, which he says matches the Brillouin Hypothesis. I don’t know if Brillouin has carried out any similar analysis of element from their own system — it sounds a little unlikely from what Godes says here (talking only of the hypothesis).

Godes, being a competitor of Ross, has said in the past that the Brillouin system is superior (e.g. he has said that Brillouin’s reactor can start and stop at will), but here he is very complimentary of the E-Cat report, and has no problem calling the test results convincing, and proof that the reaction is ‘real and nuclear’.

I suppose that as a rising tide raises all ships, if acceptance of LENR as valid science grows because of this report, it will help Brillouin as well as Industrial Heat.