Energy Analysis Spreadsheet (LENR G)

The following linked-to spreadsheet and comment were first posted here by LENR G. I must say very nicely and clearly laid out. Thanks, LG! More of LENR G’s analysis of the Lugano report can be found here.

Thee energy generated, based on my calculations, pretty closely matches what was reported.
The caveat is that we don ‘t know exactly the level of iron content in the fuel and the calculations are sensitive to that amount. If one assumes that all the Nickel-62 nucleons come from other nickel isotopes, iron, aluminum and lithium and set the level of iron in the fuel to make that true, then the calculated energy works out to about 37% more than the reported energy.

Another consideration is that the iron in the calculations, while it will be largely iron based on the spectroscopy, is actually a proxy for all the other trace elements too that appear to be part of the reactions.