Newly-found Document Provided Details of Nickel Powder from Early-model E-Cat

The following was submitted by Hank Mills

A new paper has been located by the folks at LENR-forum. It was titled “Analysis of two types of nickel powder” and was written by Curt Edstrom of Ralon, and Jan-Erik Nowacki of KTH in Sweden. (Original document in Swedish available here) The paper contains analysis of powder obtained by Sven Kullander which was provided to him by Andrea Rossi, and details an analysis of unused powder and ash from a previous model of E-Cat.

This powder had, according to Rossi, certain additives removed. In the ash but not the new powder, iron was found in addition to many other elements. Some of the elements, such as copper, were likely contaminants (Rossi has recently said that copper was probably a contaminant). Lithium was mentioned as a possible catalyst despite not being found. In addition, a series of high magnification scanning electron microscope (SEM) were included which show fine, detailed features of the nickel powder. Many folds, cracks, cube shaped blocks, and tubercules can be seen. This document not only gives us additional data about the elemental composition of the powder, but gives us an example of the nickel particles we need for successful replications. Here’s one image.

For my full analysis, please go to an article posted today on PESWiki:

Hank Mills