Rossi Working Hard to Understand the Physics behind the E-Cat in Light of New Report

It turns out that the results of the third party test have caused some consternation for Andrea Rossi and his team at Industrial Heat.

Some of the isotopic changes reported in the testing results have come as a surprise for Rossi and his team and are challenging their theoretical understanding of what is going on in the reaction. Rossi has said that the big surprise for him was the results of reported in the nickel where almost all the isotopes of Nickel to Ni-62. Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, he wrote:

I am studying the results of the test to reconcile the isotopical shifts. I am doing this with a nuclear physicist well known and expert of the matter and stronger than me in advanced mathematics. Perhaps we are approaching the beginning of a percourse to a reconciliation, remaining in the standard model, therefore avoiding dangerous exotic temptations. We want to find at any cost the solution. It is hard, it is not like climbing the Appalachian Mountains, but even the Everest has been climbed, at last. Just working.

Previously, Rossi had said that the E-Cat reaction can be explained by conventional physics, but the results now seem to be challenging this assumption, although it seems they are working hard to find a way to avoid a conclusion that leaves them outside the standard model.

The testers in their report admitted they were baffled — and it seems, at least at the moment, that Rossi and his team are too.