The Mouse Could be Inconel Wires (Hank Mills)

Andrea Rossi has described a version of the E-Cat he describes as the ‘mouse’ and ‘cat’ configuration, and that in the E-Cat are used in the recent Lugano test, the the mouse and cat are combined. Rossi has explained that in the mouse and cat configuration, a smaller internal mouse stimulates the nuclear reactions of a larger cat. However, approval statements he has made indicate that the inconel resistors of the E-Cat may likely actually be the mouse. There are many clues that make this probable.

For example:

  • Inconel wires are composed of a high percentage of nickel in addition to other elements.
  • The reactor shown in the test does not seem to have any other internal parts other than the resistor coils wound inside.
  • Rossi has said that only one kind of powder was used in this reactor.

    Please read my full article at PESN for more details here:

    Hank Mills