E-Cat Covered on New Zealand TV

3 News is a major commercial TV news channel in New Zealand and on Wednesday covered the Lugano report, and included an interview with Auckland University of Technology professor Allan Blackman.

The coverage is not in-depth, and fairly typical of what one would expect from a TV show. Professor Blackman is unconvinced, comparing Rossi’s story to  the Fleischmann and Pons affair 25 years ago, and talking about the unlikelihood of achieving fusion at room temperatures.

One aspect of the story that they got wrong was saying that Rossi is asking for money, and is taking orders online. That’s not true — you can go to ecat.com and sign up on a list indicating your interest in e-cat products, but no money is being asked for. This is what they say:

“ECAT.com will provide answers to inquires from potential customers and collect non-binding orders for the first ECAT products. Due to the high expected demand, orders will be put on a waiting list. Delivery to be announced. – See more at: http://ecat.com/#sthash.uaPgw2n0.dpuf

The video clip and accompanying story can be found here:


TV clip from YouTube (thanks, Facelpalm)