Andrea Rossi Comments on Open Letter to Stefan Pomp (Then Deletes)

Patrik Wiksten has posted an open letter to Uppsala University (Sweden) professor Stefan Pomp who has been critical of the work of the authors of the Lugano E-Cat report (and the previous one published last year), and has suggested that the whole E-Cat affair is a fraud.

Wiksten does not claim in his letter that the E-Cat is proven, but he does ask that Pomp be less closed minded in his refusal to take seriously the research surrounding the E-Cat and other LENR experiments. He states:

The thing is mr Pomp, you are an authority. Mainstream media won’t dare to touch something this controversial, especially when you, as an authority, chose to accuse the whole team including Rossi as a fraud. Because that’s what you’re doing with your “The cat is Dead” with your wink at Schrodinger. Because of this, people in general doesn’t get the full story. And as you know every story has two sides…

Someone posted a link to this open letter on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, and Andrea Rossi commented on it — and then apparently deleted the comment, because it can’t be found on the JONP any more. The response has been captured, however, in a screenshot posted on the LENR forum. By the formatting. It looks like the screen capture comes from the site, but I can’t find the original on that site either. Perhaps when Rossi deletes from the JONP, the entry is deleted from Rossilivecat. I suppose there is an outside chance that this is a total forgery, but I doubt it. The style is certainly Rossi’s.

Here is the text of Rossi’s (now deleted) apparent response:

Andrea Rossi
October 19th, 2014 at 10:45 PM
Patrik Wiksten:
I do not know if you will read this comment, because probably you do not know we published the link to your “Open Letter” published on LENR Forum.
I just want to thank you for the paradigma you offered of a Galilean way of thinking opposed to a paradigma of “Sancta Inquisitio” way of thinking.
The Professors just made measurements, and, while I agree upon the difficulty to reconcile the 62Ni percentage shift, I did not see any serious critic of the calculations, while I saw many clowneries, like ” the clamps have been swapped” (false), ” the calculation of the resistances shows that the E-Cat does not respect the Ohm’s
Law” (false, the resistances do not have a linear response to the temperature in the coil of the E-Cat and the heat dissipation is totally different from the copper cables), ” the color of the alumina at 1300°C is whiite heat” ( stupidity, Alumina becomes White heat only when it melts at 2070°C and compare it to the glass is an elementary mistake), “the multiplication of voltage time amperage gives an amount of energy superior to the one declared” ( yes, but the control system continues to change the phase angle, and this wtong calculation has been made assuming that the values are always at the peak, and this is obviously wrong” and so on, with a theory that assumes that the Professors of the ITP are not able to connect a Wattmeter, to measure a Temperature, and insulting them: exactly like the Sancta Inquisitio, who wanted to burn alive Galileo, just because he was discovering something that was
different from the consolidated and universally shared knowledge of the time.
About ” The Cat is dead”: I am sorry for Dr Pomp, but the Cat is very healthy and on the verge of a commercial breakthrough, because to make him alive or dead is not the Sancta Inquisitio of Dr Pomp, is the market. If the Customer makes profits with the E-Cat, it is alive, otherwise it is not: I can assure the Cat is pretty healthy:
makes many exercise, does not drink alcohol, does not get illegal drugs and somebody has experienced it could be a tiger; not counting the fact that the Cat has not used a single cent of the Taxpayer.
Warm Regards,