Rossi: ‘Magnificence’ E-Cat Plant Comprises 103 E-Cats, 100 Computers

I put a question today to Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics asking about whether he had time to work on the 1MW plant lately, and the current status of the project.

This was his response:

Frank Acland:
I dedicate all my time to my 1MW baby and the connected R&D. I honestly am very positive: it is a magnificence, even if a lot of problems had to be resolved and probably will have to, but our model is NASA: how many failures before arriving on the Moon with the boots. “Non mollare mai” ( Never give up). Mostly all of my time goes to this, but also, in collaboration with nuclear physicists I am working on a theory that could explain the results of the report. I think that we will be able to reconcile everything with good sense and in full respect of the Standars Model. The dark side is that I have time for nothing else.
Obviously this effort is shared by all the Team, in particular the electronic engineers, who are making a masterpiece to harmonize an orchestra of 103 E-Cats with a quite complex play of Cats and Mice; the control system is made by about 100 computers . This wonderful Team is writing a page of History; every component of this Team is working at the maximum of his capacity.
Thank you very much for your kind attention,
Warm Regards,

I like the analogy to NASA — one can almost imagine a team as dedicated to launching the first E-Cat plant into the world as the Apollo 11 team was in getting the first men to the moon and back. It sounds like a very complex task, but it sounds like they are all determined to make it a success.