The Real E-Cat Shreds Lockheed’s Theoretical Fusion Reactor (Hank Mills)

The following was submitted by Hank Mills.

Lockheed Martin recently revealed that their Skunk Works division has completed a theoretical design for a hot fusion reactor. They hope to build a prototype in five years – with the goal of it operating for ten seconds – and commercialize the reactor in ten. Unlike the E-Cat or Energy Catalyzer, of which a report was recently released detailing a 32 day test showing a massive production of heat far beyond any possible chemical reaction, Lockheed’s Compact Fusion Reactor does not currently exist: there is no proof it will ever produce power. Even if it did, the CFR would use radioactive fuel, produce dangerous levels of neutrons, and continuously create small amounts of nuclear waste.

Incredibly, Lockheed has stated their reactor would require a meter thick shield of lead to ensure no radiation would escape. Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, on the other hand, uses no radioactive materials (only ordinary, common elements such as lithium, iron, nickel, and hydrigen), produces zero nuclear waste, and emits no radiation into the environment without any lead shielding whatsoever. The advantages of the E-Cat over the CFR are immense and show that Lockheed needs to abandon the project and focus on LENR.

You can read more from a recent article of mine here at PESWiki:

Hank Mills