MFMP’s ‘Project Dog Bone’ Has Begun [Update: Video Showing Reactor Design]

The following was posted in the Replication Thread by Bob Greenyer

[]=Project Dog Bone=[]

One week ago, the MFMP asked the question “So you want to see a replication?”, well, there seems to be demand for one (thanks for all the well-wishers and donations) however, we obviously cannot do a “replication” per se because we are not privy to all the facts…

What we can do first is empirically answer criticisms of the report and attempt to use our experience to build something for the people – because everyone of us and our dogs should have one!

We think we can build initial test reactors much cheaper than the price that was ball parked to us yesterday and that might enable a much wider group to participate in parameter sweeping.

The team is working hard on the control simulations at the moment and we are starting to model a practical test reactor in 3D – you might even be able to print it on a home 3D printer! Well, in plastic – but that could be made into a mould.

Dog Bone Simulation

UPDATE: Here’s a video recently put up on YouTube in which Bob Greenyer explains the possible design and construction of the dog bone.