Open Letter to the Authors of the Lugano Hot Cat Test (Peter Gluck)

The following open letter was posted by Peter Gluck on his Ego Out blog, and Vortex-l

Giuseppe Levi [email protected]
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Dear Authors,

For the sake of Science and especially for the New Paradigm of the energy source called in present Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, it is necessary to get more essential scientific data regarding the very important experiment made by you.

This is possible only via a collegial and mutually respectful dialogue with you.

I have elaborated and described the principles for organizing such a dialogue here:

The impact of my proposition was minor and I have received too many thorny and Krivitized questions, unusable – therefore I have decided to write you in my own name and in the name of my Blog and to ask you the following questions:


1- Can you tell us more about the design of the Cell and the planning of the Test?

2- On which thermal and optical characteristics of the alumina used for the vessel, was the test based?

3- Can you give more data regarding the internal structure and the transport, transfer and transformation of matter and energy in the Cell?

4- What methods of stimulation (EM etc.) have you used to trigger the reactions?

5- In which extent the cell/process tolerates the presence of air and water?

Please remove any and all the doubts regarding the temperature of 1400C on the Cell ergo question 6 and 7:

6- How do you explain the survival (?) of Ni nanostructures in the close proximity of the melting temperature of nickel?

7- Is the device “calorimetrable” i.e. what is the effect of cooling, partial removal of excess heat?

8- Based on your two tests including the analyses of both fuel and ash what do you think about the reactions taking place?

9- Is there a complete set of analyses bound to the test- that can be used to work out understanding and theory/ies of the process?

10- -With whom from you can we discuss New Paradigm (theory)?

11- What your attitude toward replication of the test, new tests other actions in collaboration?

Please send the answers to the Blog (comments) or to [email protected]
Thank you in advance,

Peter Gluck