[]=Project Dog Bone=[] — Request for Help from the MFMP

This request for help with Project Dog Bone (E-Cat replication attempt) was posted in the Replication Thread by Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

We have just published the MFMP’s working consensus for the phase trigger angle and the resistance of the 3 heater coils.

We have a challenge for you

Is there anyone out there that can produce a ohms per meter calculator google sheet, for standard furnace resistance wires for various diameters?

Essentially, the user would enter

– diameter of core
– diameter of wire
– length of coil
– number of turns per length

and it would give the resistance for a range of standard furnace resistance wires like

– Molybdenum
– ML
– Nickel Chrome
– Iron-Chrome-Aluminum
– KANTHAL and NIKROTHAL heating alloys up to 1425°C

Whatever you can find!

Something like the one on this page: