Report on JONP: Positive Reception from ITER/Areva Scientist to Lugano Report

I found this comment on the Journal of Nuclear Physics quite interesting. The poster is named JC Renoir, and he addressed this post to Andrea Rossi:

Dr Rossi:
I have given to control the ITP report to a scientist that is working with ITER project. He is a Ph.D. in nuclear physics, is a mainstream science person and I was interested to hear from him what he thinks of the report.
He told me is a well done work and that there was no better way to make the measurements. He said he has forwarded the report to Areva, with is where he works. I told you this, because I think you may be glad to hear.
JC Renoir

ITER is a multinational project in France, attempting to create a fusion reactor. Areva is a French multinational company which is the largest nuclear power firm in the world, also specializing in renewable energy projects.

Andrea Rossi responded to the poster saying he has no contacts with Areva, and that he was “honoured of what you write and I forwarded to the Professors of the ITP your comment.”

It’s a little surprising, but encouraging to hear that a hot fusion/nuclear scientist comes away with a positive impression of the Lugano report, and is willing to share it with colleagues.