Using the Declining Oil Price to Inform about LENR (Brandon Hurd)

The following was submitted by Brandon Hurd

I have posted the comment below, on a number of articles concerning declining oil prices. I think that, regardless of whether or not the oil price decline is linked (I believe it is) to the recent third party report, it is nevertheless a great opportunity to inform readers about LENR.

Here are some of the articles where I have posted this comment:

Here’s the comment:

In my opinion, the recent independent report on LENR / Cold Fusion, is what is driving oil prices down. Many people including a lot of internet commentators, wikipedia authors and some mainstream scientists believe it is a “scam”.

However, as soon as one digs deep and does a bit of homework on this, investigating who the authors of this report are and who funded it, who owns the technology and whether or not they are likely to have done their due diligence, it becomes apparent that this can not possibly be a scam. It is real and it will hit the mainstream, soon.

See here for an article covering this technology and its implications:

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