Russian Nuclear Physicist Vitaly Uzikov on the E-Cat: ‘The Train has Left’

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A very interesting development I found on Andrea Rossi’s blog:

November 8th, 2014 at 10:07 AM
Dr Andrea Rossi:

Did you see the article on Proatom written by Dr Vitaly Uzikov?

This is a peer reviewed nuclear physics magazine and Dr Uzikov is a preminent figure of the Russian Nuclear Physics world. Congratulations to the Professors of the ITP, this is an important endorsement from the mainstream Russian scientific environment. If you come in Russia you will find friends of much higher level than you can even imagine.

From Russia, with love and with the regular Warm Regards,

D. Travchenko

Andrea Rossi
November 8th, 2014 at 10:33 AM
D. Travchenko:

This paper is becoming viral and I am very honoured of what you say:
yes, I agree totally with you in regard of the inportance of this

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As you can read an important nuclear site published a (positive) plea to take attention to the Ecat. I Google translated the article, which is obviously in Russian, but the quality was not very good. I hope it will be better in English.

Below is a translation (via Google with edits by Frank Acland) of the article.

A Brief History of New Nuclear Energy Andrea Rossi

V.A. Uzikov, engineer-technologist, NIIAR

A second report on the results of a long-term test of the “hot E-CAT (Energy Catalyzer)” invented by Andrea Rossi was published Oct. 8, 2014, and caused some shock to those who follow this “saga of cold fusion,” but especially to the detractors of Rossi. Why specifically? Yes, for a simple reason – this 53-page scientific report is not easy to refute and rebut, but oh, how I want to ….

Earlier, for almost 4 years detractors managed to do it casually, beautifully and impressivelyy. It was enough to say the magic word “fake”, and the problem with the discussion of the generation of energy in the strange nickel-hydrogen systems could be removed without any effort.

It is worth recalling some of the basic steps of this “saga” about E-CAT … On January 14, 2011 there was a demonstration of a new energy device in Bologna with online translation. Here we first heard the names of Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi. Rossi is an engineer and Focardi a Professor of Physics at the University of Bologna … The Focardi demonstration was successful, and simple thermal calculations confirmed that the input energy is several times less than that spent on heating water flowing from the reactor [1] .

First, it seemed that the key figure in the creation of this wonderful reactor was a professor, but then it turned out that it was just the opposite. Those who want to quickly refute the demonstrations phenomenon exhaled with relief. All the same tezhelo and dangerous rogue called Professor prestigious Bologna universiteta (and even the former dean of the Physics Department) and with a long list of scientific achievements, and the engineer Rossi no such problem exists. Therefore, “the highest academic authorities”, such as the chairman of the “Committees on pseudoscience” in Alexandria, only deigning to provide short comments declaring Andrea Rossi a pseudoscientist [2] .

With this background, almost unnoticed, a 1-megawatt installation on 28 October 2011 passed acceptance testing; it worked for 6 hours without electricity input [3] (although at only half of the declared capacity – “only” 480 kW). The world’s media has successfully ignored this event, except for several articles (for example, in “Forbes”), which provide a fair share amount of skepticism. It should be noted that there were even Nobel laureates, who called to treat reactor Rossi seriously, but soon these were declared crazy old men and the problem is also closed ..

A further table even easier -privivka of curiosity (one of which was the fate of injections sad invention Fleischmann and Pons) gradually began to act. In addition, the constant comparison of Andrea Rossi with a mad inventor, “perpetual motion”, and other strange persons did not allow all these years to help separate the wheat from the chaff, and the people, hearing about E-CAT, already accustomed to waving his hand – “Heard ! Yes they are crooks! “.

And hardly noticeable event in the information field has passed presentation of “hot E-CAT”, even though a photo was published of a red-hot device. There was a surge of emotion at a reviving E-Cat was observed only after the publication of the report of the May [2013] [4] of short-term trials of a “hot E-Cat” by a group of Swedish and Italian scientists who conducted the test without Andrea Rossi, but after a brief confusion opponents quickly recovered and posted a heap of claims about this report. They did not dare declare these very respected scientists to be rogues, but presented the matter as the magician Rossi cheating by luring these scientists onto his territory, and catching them in his trap, as they did not notice hidden wires, some radiators and so on.

Not directly accusing scientists of fraud, they, nevertheless, were accused of incompetence, with the inability to perform an experiment, and the main argument was that Rossi provided them with “black box” magic, which is not allowed to be looked into, and if so, this is the usual illusion. And all was quiet again for a whole year, until the spring of 2014. And in the spring there were reports that already held a new, long-term experiment with E-CAT. And this time all claims debunkers were considered bitter experience of scientists fully: testing device was carried out on the territory of experts, during the entire time of the experiment (32 days) round-the-clock surveillance of all parameters was carried out, as well as video surveillance, with all data permanently recorded by recording equipment.

The condition of the pilot testing was only one – A. Rossi would have no effect on the course of the experiment, and experts would publish the results whatever they may be – positive or negative. In the following months after the experiment, interested supporters and opponents Rossi looked forward to the results, constantly asked him about it, but Rossi’s response was always the same – I have no idea about the results, I only know one thing – they will be published, positive or negative.

And then, finally, on 8 October 2014, on Internet sites like appeared the long-awaited report. And this report met expectations Rossi supporters, and probably plunged into deep gloom of his opponents. The report results were surprising indeed even his supporters. The most stunning result was not even that 1 gram of nickel with natural isotopic abundance – and 0.011 grams of lithium 7 for 32 days produced 1.5 MWh of thermal energy (by this, many were ready on previous tests), but the radically changed the isotopic composition of nickel and lithium before and after the experiment (see Table). By the way, shutting the reactor off after 32 days was agreed beforehand, and at the time of shutdown of the reactor, it showed no signs of reducing the power output.

Table – The measured distribution of the isotopes of Li and Ni in the source and spent fuel, as well as the natural distribution of isotopes :

The explosive strength of this table is that only a madman would further argue that in the E-CAT is a lack of response at the level of the nuclei. And here it is worth recalling, in early 2014, the current head of the RAS Forts said [5] : “I am a staunch supporter of that pseudoscience – a very dangerous thing – said fort. – … The theme requires constant attention. I recently received in the mail a hefty parcel. Opened – and there of a conference on cold fusion.”

He should have kept quiet, because sooner or later, when already clear evidence of the existence of low-energy nuclear reactions, gentlemen academicians have to report, what it is, after all, they were doing all these years, digging in an empty project, millions and billions of people’s money. Of course, you can string up again and declare that all the scientists who participated in the experiment for testing, purchased cheater Rossi, and the results are forged, but too late – the train has already left.

The next day after the publication of the report, October 9 2014, CEO of Elforsk (Swedish institute engaged in research in the field of energy) Magnus Olofsson wrote an article [6] in response to the report of the test E-Cat. Here are some of the key points that he highlights:

– Changes in the isotopic composition of the analyzed fuel shows that nuclear reactions take place at low temperatures. This suggests that we may be facing a new method of extracting nuclear energy. It is possible to obtain energy without ionizing radiation and radioactive waste. The discovery may eventually become very important for the global energy industry;

– If it is now possible to receive and safely control these nuclear reactions, it is likely to eventually happen fundamental transformation of our energy system. This could open up opportunities for decentralized power generation and thermal energy can be obtained from relatively simple components. Energy is very cheap;

– Elforsk initiates comprehensive research in Sweden. Need more knowledge to understand and explain the observed phenomena. Let’s do more research in the study of the essence of these phenomena, which would then explain how it works.

Our academic science can certainly continue to pretend that nothing happened, that’s only if there is more to the point?

Loner engineer Andrea Rossi in the long struggle for the recognition of his discovery did the seemingly impossible. But it only seems impossible, unless one is aware of one of the episodes [7] in his biography. At the age of 19, Rossi would do what in some ways symbolizes his future life. The challenge was a “simple”, run as much as possible in the track stadium 400 m for 24 hours without interruption. On April 24, 1970 Andrea Rossi completed the race in the stadium Kalsevi in ​​Brescia. Within 24 hours, he ran 175 kilometers and 144 meters, breaking the previous Italian record set in 1891 by the legendary Luigi Vittorio Bertarelli (this record was held for 79 years!). Probably around this there is a certain logic, and in this scientific marathon Andrea Rossi finishes winner again.


[2] In defense of science, Bulletin number 12: