Rossi on Manufacturing E-Cat Reactors, Fuel

Today I put some questions to Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics regarding the making of the reactor and preparation of the powder used in the Lugano test:

Frank Acland
November 10th, 2014 at 6:01 PM
Dear Andrea,

Can you tell us:

1. Who made the reactor that was used in the Lugano report?
2. Who prepared the powder that was used in the reactor?
3. What your role was (if any) in preparing the above items?

Many thanks,

Rossi’s response:

1- The reactor that has been used in the Lugano test has been manufactured in the factory of Industrial Heat, in Raleigh, North Carolina.
2- The charge has been prepared by Industrial Heat, as all the charges are now, obviously upon the instructions I delivered with the know how.
3- I had no role in the preparation of the reactor and of the charges, because I trust my magnificent Team. After months of rehearsing, the Team of IH is able to manufacture everything without my help. For example, the 1 MW for the Customer of IH has been completely manufactured without my intervention. The reactor used in Lugano is just one out of many of them manufactured on the factory of IH by their workers, directed by their engineers. I spent most of my time making experiments in my laboratory. We have well clear and specified tasks: they have to earn money, I have to spend it ( he,he,he…). The charges are made by the top level persons that have access to them.
Warm Regards,

From the last sentence it sounds like there are only a few people in the organization with the knowledge about the composition of the charge, and access to this special powder that is so crucial to the E-Cat’s operation.

It now sounds like there is an established group of engineers in charge of the manufacturing activities, and Rossi is uninvolved with that side of things now, except, I would guess, when it comes to developing new technology and processes.

Again, it sounds like there is no lack of funds to hamper operations at IH. There must still be plenty of investment money at Rossi’s disposal, since mass marketing has yet to begin.