Cold Fusion: The Cat is Finally out of the Box (French Article)

I missed this when it was published but today found a reference on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, a popular French language self-described liberal website covering news and current affairs has published an article titled “Cold Fusion: the cat (E-Cat) is finally out of the box” by Jean-Pierre Cousty.

The article is largely positive in the coverage it gives of the Lugano test, and the author is enthusiastic regarding the future role that LENR will play in energy production.

Cousty writes:

We now have official proof that the future of global energy will not perhaps in the near future by wind or solar but the implementation of this cold fusion even if it takes decades. Several companies, such as Brillouin, are ready to market devices and futuristic dreams are good train as a Swiss company speaks to run cars continuously for months with a Stirling engine types. For example, problems of sea water processing freshwater have an off and inexpensive for Africa and countries in the developing solution …

Life of cold fusion will be able to resume its course with the 19th Conference Annual (ICCF-19) to be held this year in Padua in Italy April 13 to 17, 2015 with 500 participants from planned . . .

It is obvious that OPEC, EDF, AREVA etc. must adapt to the new conditions of cold fusion could quickly become commonplace. The coming years should be exciting and promising hopes in world energy.

Speaking of OPEC adapting, I have noticed Brent Oil futures prices dropped below $81 dollars a barrel today. I doubt that this is E-Cat related, but there are clearly macroeconomic pressures on OPEC, with non OPEC nations like the United States and Canada producing oil at levels not seen for 30 years. If LENR really does come online in the near future, it will surely be a further blow to the power of OPEC nations.