What is Going on Behind Closed Doors Regarding Cold Fusion? (Omega Z)

I would imagine there is much going on behind closed doors.

The greatest folly I can imagine would be for people here at ECW to think that many high powered entities are not aware of LENR, E-cat(IH/Rossi), Brillouin(Godes) etc., etc. . . .

NASA, DOD, DOE, NRL, EPRI, ENEA. How many letters of the alphabet do I need to point out of those who have been linked to LENR. Exxon, Shell, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Siemens, GE by association of the White house & Stephen Chu-former US energy secretary and National Instruments are but a few of the corporations with LENR history and connections. GE’s CEO was one of Obama’s economic advisers.

In the past (archives) we have evidence that some politicians in the U.S.(both parties) are not just aware, but have proposed funding LENR Research to no avail. We’ve had people on ECW E-mail their representatives who received limited responses that, Yes They are aware & following the developments but nothing to disclose other then that.

Al Gore mentioned it in passing. Godes in conversation with Stephen Chu. Do you think they were discussing Obama’s golf scores. I think I saw where Elon Musk follows Robert Godes on Twitter. And do you think Bill Gates was blindsided by discussions of Cold Fusion? The preponderance of evidence is that MANY entities are well aware of what is going on.

So WHY? Why do they not discuss this in public?

It is quite simple. The Pons and Fleischmann fiasco. None want to be ridiculed or belittled for believing in fantasy. The most you will get out of them is, It’s an interesting phenomenon. At worst, hasn’t that been debunked as junk Science.

So, when will they speak out and say the things you want to hear. When Rossi or someone else have a pilot plant that is as Rossi says, consolidated and with irrefutable evidence it is real and it can be economically harnessed for productive use. Until then, it’s an interesting phenomenon at best and IMO find it highly improbable that we will see much disclosure before then.

As to suppression, this fear of ridicule allows a few people to suppress this technology. Most of this comes from the big physics projects such as ITER. And “note” that there are those among there ranks who are not against LENR or it’s research, but are victims of this same fear. Even positive impressions of LENR are kept to themselves. To speak out could cost them their careers.