“A Call For Crazy Ideas” from Bill Gates — Bobcat Owner Suggests LENR Maybe?

I found this post on the Facebook Cold Fusion, LENR, and Andrea Rossi page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ECat.LENR/) posted by Göran Andersson, co-owner of the Swedish company Bobcat, which makes construction equipment and vehicles.

He posted the following commment on Bill Gates’ Linked in Page titled “https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20141021225933-251749025-a-call-for-crazy-ideas” which is actually a page about the Gates’ foundation Grand Challenge grant opportunities which are designed to “innovation to solve key health and development problems”.

Göran Andersson DU
Md på Bobcat Sverige AB

Noticed that you visited ENEA in Italy, I hope you where informed about LENR and the improvements done. I and my Company are supporting MFMP (Martin Fleischmanns Memorial Project) in their try to replicate Elforsk AB independent test of Rossis E-Cat. After sending them funds we where asked if they could use our name and we agreed. Surprisingly we where told that we where the first Company in the World who showed our name! Are the World afraid of this technology and why doesnt governments put in massive funds to get LENR up and going? It would give us a clean enviroment and very cheap energy anywhere. I and many more are glad if your meeting with ENEA will result in an interest from your side about LENR.

If Gates reads the post I kind of doubt he would respond publicly — he seems to be the kind of guy (being the richest person in the world) who would do his work carefully in private, and only make public statements when it would be opportune.

Still, this may be the kind of message that could plant a seed.