Brillouin Tritium Production and Replication Rumor

I thought I would make a separate thread regarding a comment made on the Always On Thread by LCD regarding Brillouin Energy. As always, remember this is a rumor, and should be handled with care! Below is a series of comments and responses made on the thread.

LCD • 2 days ago
There is a rumor going around that Brilloin has gotten repeatable high SNR levels of tritium and are having others repeat the findings before publishing.

If I’ve heard it I’m sure there are others.

LENR G • a day ago
Can you perhaps qualify “others” a bit for us? University labs? Roughly how many?

Does this mean independent scientific teams are getting some alone time with the Brillouin reactor? Or were they just supplied some gas samples which could have come from anywhere?

LCD LENR G • a day ago
I would love to tell you everything but I’m respecting the fact that they want to do replications before publishing and going public. My whole reason for saying this is that I was hoping that others, whom I know know of it, would come out in the open and say more. It’s not a small effort.

Also tritium is an important clue in any theory so as we all try to figure out the underlying reason for the effect, I thought that bit of info was helpful.

LCD • an hour ago
I can say this, the replication and publishing should happen within the next two weeks according to my sources.