Mats Lewan: Testers Rule Out Inverted Clamp Hypothesis, Rossi Comments (Mark E. Kitiman)

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Mats Lewan has been in contact with the professors and answered a question about the clamps that was put forward by DickieFix:

2. If one clamp is inverted on both power analyzers, they would measure a
third of the effective power but still show the correct current value
(but negative).


No 2. I have discussed this with the researchers and they tell me that
they have excluded this hypothesis, looking at log files and photos.


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Andrea Rossi responded to a question about this on the Journal of Nuclear Physics this week, saying:

Andrea Rossi
November 13th, 2014 at 1:59 PM
Silvio Caggia:
The photo #5 of the Report of the Independent Third Party is very important and has been made on purpose from the Professors. They explained to me that the photo has been taken during the set up of the measurement stuff and they were controlling that the PCE830 was surely able to read perfectly the waves also in extreme conditions: for this reason , as surely have understood the experts and the reviewers to whom the Professors have given the report before the publication, the photo shows the wave also when the system has been put in overload; you can understand it from the acronym “OL” that you can read on the display, while the wave is perfectly described by the instrument.
Thank you for the intelligent question.