What’s Bill Gates Looking at Here? [Update: Better Picture]

Thanks to Oceans2014 for finding a short YouTube clip of Bill Gates’ recent visit to ENEA labs in Italy.

I took a screenshot at about the 1 second mark where someone is holding up a piece of equipment for Gates to look at. The sound is really indistinct, but the piece of equipment is held up by Dr. Vittorio Violante who, as we have mentioned here many times now, is the coordinator of LENR Research at ENEA.

UPDATE: Here’s a better screenshot taken from this video on Facebook (Thanks to Mr. Moho)

Here’s the screenshot:billgates1

Here’s the screenshot


And here’s the video clip (only about half a minute long)

It seems much more plausible that we’re looking at some part of a cold fusion device than a hot fusion device to me.