Russ George on a Black Swan Taking Flight (Peter Gluck)

Thanks to Peter Gluck for bringing an interesting article to my attention written by Russ George, an environmentalist and long-time follower of cold fusion, and someone familiar with many of the researchers in the field — including Lowell Wood.

On his Atom Ecology site, he has written a very interesting article about the recent visit of Bill Gates to the ENEA labs at Frascati, and gives some insights on the labs that I think would be interesting to readers here.

Here’s an excerpt:

Once in a while I hear of something new in the cold fusion cacophony. A chance sighting or perhaps a distinctive call of a swan. This just happened in the form of an obscure photo of a very few people, less than a dozen, sitting in a room I have had the pleasure of sitting in.

There in Frascati Italy among the clutter of a small ENEA laboratory sits the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, front row center listening to a dear colleague Vittorio Violante who is flying him through what Vittorio knows best…Cold Fusion. I can say with confidence Professor Violante is doing a great job telling the story of cold fusion, he has been steadfast and with us in this work for nearly as long as I, surely more than 20 years.

Why is it Bill Gates has just this month chosen to make a visit to Frascati? The labs at Frascati are Italy’s national labs and the equal to the famed Los Alamos here in the USA. Cold fusion has been studied there for nearly 25 years. That and the fact that Italy has long been known for its pioneers in science, think DaVinci and Galileo.

The Fascati labs, just like national labs in the USA, are very proper ‘shirt and tie’ environments and difficult to be productive in, especially for such out of the box heretical energy physics as cold fusion. They are stalwart and respectable beyond reproach. It’s no wonder Mr. Gates would make a pilgrimage to the world’s Vatican of cold fusion.