Rossi: ‘Now the Competition is Very Serious’

Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Buck brought to Andrea Rossi’s attention this article on the website which carries the story about the physicists who want India to revive a cold fusion research program.

Buck wrote:

“Gulf News, the largest English language newspaper in the Gulf region (UAE, Dubai, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia), with a daily circulation of about 110,000, has just reported that India is moving towards getting back into CF research. Your work, the China Nickel Energy connection in Baoding, and Bill Gates’ recent visit with Vittorio Violante were cited in a factual positive fashion.

To me, the tone takes on an alarmist quality as it presents CF phenomena as fact and CF technology as imminent.”

Andrea Rossi responded:

“As I wrote on this blog one hour ago, now the competition is very serious. Thanks to the work of my Team, LENR, that 5 years ago were very “low”, not only in temperature, but also in global consideration, have gained momentum at high level. My Team merits recognition for this: our action and our fight have been the real game changer.”

In an earlier post today, Rossi was writing on the same theme:

“Gas fuel will substitute electric energy to activate the reactor and drive it; I cannot give more particulars until we will have a product ready for the market. We cannot feed more information to our competition, which now is very powerful. We need to reach extreme commercial competitivity before lacking more information. When we will have reached the necessary economy scale our prices will discourage any competition, but before that phase we must be aware of the fact that our Competitors are eating voraciously any single bit of information we are lacking.”

It does seem like there is a change in intensity from Rossi and others now as LENR/Cold Fusion seems to now be receiving more respect than at any other time since I have been covering the topic here.

It’s interesting to see Rossi speaking once again about ‘economies of scale’ — which means mass production — in order to deter competitors. There was a time that Rossi talked about there being no serious competitors on the scene; now that has changed, and it seems like we’ll be getting fewer details from Rossi about Industrial Heat’s technology from him now until products are on the market.