Excerpts from Interview with ENEA Frederico Testa on Bill Gates’ Visit

Many thanks to Giuliano Bettini on the LENR, Cold Fusion and Andrea Rossi Facebook Page for providing a transcription and translation of excerpts from a recent interview by an Italian Radio station (Radio Capital) with Frederico Testa, Commissioner of ENEA, regarding Bill Gates’ recent visit to ENEA’s Frascati labs.

00:20 Question
..how was this meeting with Bill Gates. Why he came to the Frascati center of Enea. What is the deal you are working on.
00:29 Answer
Bill Gates came because in the center of Frascati, but not limited to, Enea is developing a series of technologies that are particularly important, frontier technologies, in the field of sustainable energy, such as nuclear fusion, cold fusion … and other things with respect to the world of renewable energy …. and then came to see our projects to see if there are spaces for possible funding by his foundation….
2:45 Question
…about cold fusion, hot fusion, nuclear fusion ..?
3:02 Question
From the scientific point of view, in recent decades, what progress has been done?
3:06 Response
Well in short, it is understood that part of the problem, especially on cold fusion but also on the hot fusion (….) is the development of instruments (note: materials) that support endless pressures, endless temperatures …
3:51 Question
Cold Fusion (…) where are we?
4:10 Response
We are at the point where I said that is …ehm .. Bill Gates was about three hours in our lab to try to see a whole series of experiments live from which it is clear that the issue is being able to have the material that supports , I mean, a million of, of.. a pressure of a million atmospheres inside a small thing, and so it needs of, of..ehm .. instruments that would provide this pressure here …
7:46 Question
How do you left up with Bill Gates? Hear again? When?
8:09 Response
No (…), he was accompanied by (…) Lowell Wood, with whom the next morning we did a bit of projects a bit more operational and now we send a program proposal and ….

Here’s a link to the original interview (in Italian)