McKubre Slides From Norway Presentation Chronicle SRI’s LENR Replications — Brillouin Featured

Cold Fusion Now has found some interesting details from Michael McKubre.

The slides that were presented by Michael McKubre at the symposium on LENR held in Oslo, Norway on November 5th have been uploaded to the site here.

There’s a lot of interesting detail in these slides, including a list of nine replications that McKubre reports that SRI has made over the years:

1. 1989-1991 Fleischmann Pons Heat Effect.
2. 1992 Kevin Wolf Gamma activation.
3. 1993 Ni – Natural Water Heat Effect.
4. 1993-1996 Mel Miles Heat-4He correlation.
5. 1995 Patterson “Light” Water Excess Heat.
6. 1996-1998 Les Case Heat and 4He.
7. 1997-1998 Arata-Zhang “DS” Cathodes Heat and 3He.
8. 2003-2011 Energetics “SuperWave” Excess Heat and 3H.
9. 2012-2014 Brillouin Excess Heat

Regarding Brillouin — there has been quite a bit of discussion lately about them as they have been visiting government and business leaders in Norway, Finland and the United States. Here are a couple of slides from McKubre’s presentation which provide some notes about what SRI has measured in Brillouin’s systems. These two slides represent both the ‘wet'(electolytic) and ‘dry’ (all gas) cell approaches of Brillouin.