Rossi: 1 MW Plant Reactors Occupy 1/2 Cubic Meter in Volume

Andrea Rossi was asked today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about the largest and smallest E-Cat working reactors that he has made.

He responded:

I can say this: the total volume of the reactors of the 1 MW plant is half cubic meter ( 500 liters of volume). All the rest is heat exchangers.
Is much bigger the control system, entirely designed by our engineers ( 111 computers integrated). I think our team ( electronic engineers, physicists, blue collars, white collars has made a masterpiece.
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Rossi has said previously that this plant is built inside a shipping container, so it sounds like almost all the space inside the container is taken up by the heat exchange system. The number of computers required to manage the plant indicates a great deal of complex engineering is needed to keep these reactions under control, and Rossi says they are still resolving problems with this plant.

So while Rossi has described the plant a ‘magnificence’, and a ‘masterpiece’, we’re still pretty much in the dark regarding the state of progress with it. If Rossi and IH can pull off this task and eventually present a working LENR plant to the world, it will be a very important technological and commercial achievement. However, it may well be that we’ll have to wait quite a while (a year or more) before we find out for sure if the mission has been accomplished.