E-Cat Licensee Situation (Mats Lewan)

The following information was provided to me by Mats Lewan and is published here with his permission. I had asked him if he was aware of the current situation with Hydro Fusion, Swedish E-Cat Licensee who operate the ecat.com website.

As far as I know Hydrofusion is still a licensee with good relations to Rossi.
Rossi has discussed the idea of a production pool of E-Cat technology in Sweden for a long time, and I have the impression that this idea is still possible.
There don’t seem to be much going on right now though – Hydrofusion will probably also have to wait until the 1 MW plant for IH’s customer is stable and running, before any further steps can be taken.
This is the picture I have.

By the way, regarding the buy-back offer.

In the beginning of 2014 I asked several of Rossi’s licensees about this. One of them confirmed that the offer was the amount invested plus 10 percent, which Rossi also told me, and that the majority of the licensees had turned it down at that time.

Another licensee confirmed that it had accepted the offer, together with “some licensees”.

At the time I asked Rossi if the offer had been sent also to Ampenergo and Hydrofusion, and he answered that the offer had been sent to “all licensees”.