Rossi Looking for ‘Perfection’ in 1MW Plant

Thanks to Georgehants for posting the following question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Dear Mr. Rossi, after all your years of hard work, at this time what is the thing that you are most looking to achieve and will give you the most satisfaction in your work?

Could it be the successful completion of the 1MW plant for your customer?

Andrea Rossi responded:

Andrea Rossi
November 26th, 2014 at 9:10 AM
Absolutely yes: when the contract signed by IH with their Customer for the 1 MW plant will have been totally satisfied, fullfilled and totally paid for, that will be the first plant of the history making real energy in an industrial process. That will be the real game changer in the history of the production of energy, like the “New Fire”. This is why I have no time at all for any other issue, in this period. I need maximum focus, because failure is not an option and all the problems that pop up on daily base have to be resolved properly to consolidate the technology. I want this magnificence made by our Team to be perfect.
Warm Regards,

When Rossi talks about perfection here, my guess he means that the plant perfectly fulfills the requirements of the contract — not that there is no room for improvement.