University of Verona Statement: Bill Gates’ ENEA Visit was to Investigate LENR (Cold Fusion) Update: New English Translation

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A post in the Univermagazine, published by the University of Verona news agency talks about Bill Gates’ recent visit to the ENEA labs in Frascati, Italy

Here’s a Google translation of the article (edited):

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, Monday, November 17th was on a visit to the laboratories of the Centre ENEA Frascati, recognized for excellence in nuclear fusion research. To welcome Frederico Testa, ENEA commissioner and director of the Department of Business Administration of the University.

Gates, accompanied by Head and scientists of the center, wanted to find out the research activities of the institute in the field of low energy nuclear reaction, LENR, better known as “cold fusion, (fusione fredda)”. The center ENEA Frascati is, in fact, considered to excellence in the world in this area. Thanks also to the presence of scientists among the most qualified in the field of cold fusion such as Vittorio Violante. This is why the United States has involved ENEA, the only non-US agency, a research program of great scientific importance in the field of LENR.

I think this statement is particularly significant since Frederico Testa, ENEA commissioner, is a Professor of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Verona, and director of the business administration department there — and thus most likely provided this information to the university’s news agency. Since he accompanied Gates on the ENEA visit he would have known what was discussed and what Gates was interested in.

It really does seem to be the case that the most wealthy man in the world has a particular interest in cold fusion — and it’s fascinating to think about what the implications of this might be.

UPDATE: The University of Verona has posted a new English translation of the above statement here:

Professor Federico Testa received Bill Gates in the Enea – Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

On Monday 17th November Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, visited the laboratories of the Enea “Centro di Ricerca Frascati” (Frascati Research Centre), recognised for a high quality research on nuclear fusion. Professor Federico Testa as the Enea commissioner and as the director of the department of Business Administration of the University of Verona, received him.

Gates, taken to the laboratories by Professor Testa and by the scientists of the Centre, wanted to discover the research activities in the field of low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR), more known as cold fusion, led in the institute.

As a matter of fact, the Enea Frascati Research Centre is considered a high quality centre in this field on a worldwide level. Some of the most qualified scientists in the world in the field of cold fusion, such as Vittorio Violante, studied in this centre. For this reason, the USA involved the Enea, only Non-American agency, in a research program of scientific great importance in the field of LENR

This statement clarifies that Bill Gates’ interest seems to have been primarily in LENR research.